Welcome to our Wedding Gift site! Our actual wedding is taking place at an exotic location (Northern Indiana) on December 27, 2015. We'll be partying in Portland on January 16, 2016. There may well be other parties in other locations - we'll keep you informed if we're bringing the Wedding Tour to your town.


Feel free to browse, look at photos, read what we have to say about each other, and sign the guest book.


And since we're old and already have all the kitchen and bathroom gear we'll ever need, we've created this site for you to help us with some of our plans for the house/garage and yard at 9909 N Smith. And we have some big plans!


Once it's all done (and most likely throughout the process) we'll have you all over to enjoy the fruits of our creation.


Thank you for all your blessings: past, present, and future.


Laura and Bruce

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